Yayoi Kusama The Graphic Novel – Obsession, Love and Art: Book review

Yayoi Kusama is a fascinating artist, she is most well known for her repeating red dot patterns, but she has also worked across a huge range of media from immersive installations, film and sculpture.

Yayoi Kusama originates from rural Japan and became an international art icon during her incredible life. I’ve not known a great deal about Kusama’s personal life until reading this great graphic novel by Elisa Macellari but I’m so glad I’ve found out more about her, it helps to contextualise her work.

Kusama’s life was effected massively by a childhood experience which went on to inspire and haunt her throughout her artistic and personal life.

Kusama – The Graphic Novel by Elisa Macellari. Published by Laurence King.

Elisa Macellari is a Thai-Italian illustrator. Her clients include The New York TimesCorriere Della Sera, Mondadori, Feltrinelli and Nobrow Press. Her first graphic novel, Papaya Salad (2018)has been published in Italian, French and Spanish.

Thanks to Laurence King for supplying a copy of Kusama The Graphic Novel for this article.

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