Hiller Goodspeed – Be Nice!

I can’t get enough of Hiller Goodspeed’s illustrations. The innocent style hides a slightly dark and strange world where everyday thoughts are skewed through Hiller Goodspeed’s mind.

There isn’t generally a lot of criticism in my work, it’s mostly just for fun. I don’t like creating work that relies on a dig or sarcasm to be successful.

Hiller Goodspeed

Hiller says it’s not about putting anyone down, it’s more about looking at yourself and modern life. I think everyone will have their own take on Hiller Goodspeed’s work, you cast your own meaning on the simple themes.

Hiller Goodspeed has also created a book of his work entitled ‘Simple things’. The book is a collection of 28 of his drawings, addressing age-old topics such as time, the weather, and friendship.

It's just for fun, and

I am learning so much today

Hiller Goodspeed

Hiller Goodspeed is an illustrator and designer living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 



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