Eco-Friendly packaging. Ocean Saver is designed to be stuck over competitor’s bottles.

I was first introduced to the brand Ocean Saver in the early days of the pandemic, I needed anti-bac and fast! I quickly grabbed a few refills to use at home. I like to use reusables if possible, but this time things have become a little smarter.

Inside the little Ocean Saver box, you get a sachet of chemicals to dilute in an old spray bottle, and a set of stickers to re-brand you’d old bottle.

Ocean Saver’s branding is designed to be stuck over the competitor’s old bottle. Creating a new aesthetic which feels rebellious (in a very small way!).

Oceansaver is a range of plant-based cleaning solutions aimed at environmentally conscious householders.

The green credentials are two-fold; the re-used bottle minimising plastic use, and by using tap water (to dilute the product) you save on transportation emissions and water waste.

Most cleaning products are 90% water, so if you pay £2 for a 1-litre bottle of floor cleaner, that’s 20p for the chemicals and a whopping £1.80 wasted on water you could get from a tap.

And not only that, it looks pretty nice too.


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