Design your own monogram

Everything is better with a monogram on it right? I’ve discovered Monogram Maker a great online tool anyone can use to create bespoke monogram designs.

Using this website to create your monogram is so easy – you don’t need any experience with design software to use it.

Monograms are a great way to add personalisation to anything from a wedding monogram, baby announcement graphics, creative projects or even business projects. Monograms are a unique design element that can really lift your artwork and give it that professionally designed feel.

I’ve used the maker to create some examples so you can see exactly what can be achieved by using this simple tool. I’ve used all the features that are available on Monogram Maker – from font and colour choices to decorative frames and image backgrounds, plus the handy additional of layer control and opacity effects. These might sound daunting to a beginner, but it really is very simple to use.

I found using Monogram Maker very easy. I am used to using the usual industry software to create my designs, but I can see how simple other people would find using it. Monogram Maker allows you to position your designs nicely on the page with an alignment tool, (much like you would on industry-standard software). You can also manage layers in the same way, with a nice drag and drop area to make items go above or below other layers.

I’ve posted below the results I’ve made using the tool:

Here I’ve made a monogram with the initials MM for Monogram Maker! I like the double stroke effect on the font which has a very clean and crisp feel. I’ve tried to match up this clean double line design with a diamond frame that is available on the maker.
This monogram RK has a more natural feel, I’ve used a ‘knobbly’ font to create the monogram, with a leaf design frame. This feels a lot more free and friendly, perhaps for a wedding invite?
I like the simplicity of this one, JR using the double line font again. But this time with a stamp style frame.
For this monogram AJ – I’ve tried to use the frame in a different way. This time I’ve changed the opacity so you can see the background image behind it. It looks a bit like a watermark, something you could try out with many of the different frame designs on offer.
And finally, a simple monogram using a very decorative font with the letters DM.

How to use Monogram Maker

Step one – Let’s begin

Visit and input the letters of your choice into the first box, where it says ‘Enter your Monogram Letters‘. This could be your own initials, you and your partner for a wedding perhaps? Or the first designs of a business logo?

Step two – Fonts

You can then choose the font you’d like, there is a good amount of choice here allowing you to go simple and clean or completely fun. Once you’ve chosen your font, you can adjust the colours.

I’ve gone for a lot of white in my examples but this really depends on what you want to put your monogram on – a background image? a solid frame? Just have a play and see what works for you.

Step three – Frame

Next, you have the option to choose a frame to go around your monogram. Just like the font choice, there is plenty to choose from and to suit a wide range of themes or events.

Step four – Images

You can add a background image to your design, simply upload and position on your page. You’ll need to use the layers box for this step as the image may appear over the top of your monogram! Don’t worry, you just need to drag the image layer below the monogram and frame layer so you can see your complete design.

Step five – Save!

When you’re you’re happy with your monogram design you can export the file in a range of file types.

This is very handy as you can save high res vector files – allowing you to scale your design as large as you like.

You’re finished

Now you are free to do whatever you want with your monogram. It could be used on social media for an announcement, printed onto a postcard, or even made into a poster design for an event.

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