David Nash: 200 Seasons at the Towner, Eastbourne

David Nash: 200 Seasons is currently on display at Eastbourne’s Towner Gallery. The exhibition is one of his most ambitious and has taken over four major gallery spaces at the Towner with his work.

The exhibition runs until 2 February 2020 and spans David Nash’s career from the late 1960s to the present day.

As you walk around the gallery you become entranced by the scale of the pieces, transported to the forests and woods from which these huge pieces of wood once lived. Each of the large sculptures varies in its treatment, some scorched or gently carved others look like they have just been taken to with a chainsaw.

The scale and magnitude of all the work in the first exhibition space is nothing if not impressive. Even the smell of the wood brings about a feeling of longevity that you just can’t get from images.

“I was born in the South East but have lived at Capel Rhiw, an old Methodist chapel in Blaenau Ffestiniog, since the 1960s. Many of my sculptures have been made in Sussex where much of the wood I use is sourced. I have watched Towner grow since the 1980s and it is a great pleasure to bring the Capel Rhiw Collection to this magnificent gallery.”

David Nash
David Nash at the Towner Eastbourne

The second-floor gallery space as a different feeling all together from the first. We’re in a lighter, airy space with works of more varied scale. Some small and detailed, some large enough to walk under. There are also more of David Nash’s artworks which I loved, very bold and graphic.

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