OHno Type Swear

OHno Type Foundry lead by James Edmondson in Oakland, CA

An Amazing foundry brimming character!

8 absorbing art and design blogs to be inspired by

Looking for creative inspiration online? Here’s my top eight creative blogs.

Pentagram’s Astrid Stavro creates the branding for next-gen cereal brand OffLimits

Cereal for anytime of day – DASH is AWAKE, ZOMBIE is ASLEEP.

A24 turns it’s hand to creating a Zine – this is how you do it.

An incredible zine with inspirational guest editors from A24 – a film production company.

The look behind the movement: The Black Panthers – Emory Douglas

The Black Panthers had a strong visual aesthetic, drawing on the injustice of the time to create a powerful stand physically and through the art of the day.

Eco-Friendly packaging. Ocean Saver is designed to be stuck over competitor’s bottles.

Re-useable anti-bacterial spray, saves on plastic and transportation emissions.

Group Font – Creatives Raising money for the World Health Organisation

37 creatives from across the globe have come together to build this incredible font for a good cause.

Quarantine Art from The Printer’s Devil, Stephen Kenny

Beautiful letterpress artworks using centuries old traditional letterpress techniques.

Tokyo Olympics 202One Logo – Same dream. Different Year

2020 meets 2021 – An Olympic Mashup.

Retro Art & Design by Aaron Lowell Denton

The incredibly talented Aaron Lowell Denton shows off his eye for cool.

Eco friendly typeface – Apfel Brukt from Collletttivo

Using roughly 18% less ink than traditional typefaces, Apfel Brukt could change the world, well with a bit of help!

The Exercise Book Archive

From the overtly political to teenage heartthrobs – it’s all been done. Each country has applied it’s own identity on their school books and it’s great to see.

Camille Walala – mind blowing colour and pattern

The power of positivity shines through with the use of almost severe colour and pattern.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Poster designs

Poster designs for The Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Tokyo 2020 logo that should have been

This version for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 would have been a design classic!

2020 animation by Daan Rietbergen

Happy New Year! Here’s a nice 2020 animation from Daan Rietbergen.

Modern brands get the Bauhaus treatment to celebrate 100 years of the movement

A Fresh, or perhaps old, take on modern brands using the Bauhaus look and feel.

Antoine Eckart’s kind of bonkers illustrations

The Lyon based illustrator’s work may seem chaotic or erratic, but that’s the beauty of it.

Daan Rietbergen’s geometric letterforms

Daan Rietbergen’s complicated geometric letterforms and solid blocks make for a strong look.

Extinction Rebellion’s DIY Protest Design

Graphic design has played a powerful role in the Extinction Rebellion protest movement.