Banzai Skateboards look too good to skate

Made from anodized aluminium – these are a little different from your average deck.

Way back in 1976, Banzai Inc designed and released a skateboarding icon – made entirely from anodized aluminium with a double kicktail (one of the world’s first brands to do so). The board became an icon of skate culture.

These boards are a limited edition – with just 50 boards per color & size being created.

43 years later Banzai are celebrating this acheivement by releaseing this limited set of what feels like a collectors’ skateboard – and returning to the brand’s most original board shape.

And basically I want one.

Each colour of the Banzai Skateboard comes with a limited edition artwork from world-renowned creatives – David Carson, Nathaniel Russell, Cole Barash, Jay Nelson and Todd Glaser.


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